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Great application but...

Defintitely a must have for the price...but after having upgraded to the newest release (sept 2014) and I lost access to the precision pack and must pay again to use it.


Excelent! It has all that you need...


Excellent to using in biomechanics class.

Nice app to correct the posture in any sport

This app was in my wishlist for sometime, I got the recommendation from Coach Powers, I waited a time to buy it because there was no review but watching some videos on youtube I decided to buy it and I really liked, so far I just using for myself to help me out in my baseball hitting training. Also Ill introduce this app to my friends to help you guys to implement this app here in Brazil. Good Job !! Congrats.

Coachs Eye

Sensationell !


it does what it wants, not what I want. cant even stop it from uploading inwanted vids


Full of bugs under iOS8. Captured videos disapear, App gehts frozen Please update!!!

Simply The Best!

Simply The Best!

Coaches Eye

I think coaches eye is an effective assessment tool for teaching and demonstrating technique in athletics. The mail out feature is simple and easy to use. I love this app.

Coaches Eye

Coaches Eye has been a great tool to use with the kids training in Track and Field. The ability to compare one individuals performance in one practice session or comparing the difference between athletes has helped improve performances. Some of the aids, lines and arrows for example, can be useful but sometimes cause confusion because I cant see through my finger to ensure that the line is in the proper position. Otherwise, Coaches Eye has been proving to be an invaluable tool to analyze athlete performance.

Great app

I found the app to be great. Keep up the good work guys. The only downside is that it seems to drain battery life even if the app is closed from the task bar. Please take a look.

Awesome coaching tool

Im not an apple guy but the greatness of this app cannot be denied!!!!!


Has helped with my Olympic lifts so much!

Coaches Eye app

The functionality and ease of use is great on my iPhone and iPad



Great App For Sports

This app is awesome! Whether a weekend warrior or a professional jock, this is the best app for analyzing your positions and technique.

Coachs Eye

This used to be a good program but since the update it crashes and wont even open period. This occurs even after a rein install

$5 + $5 +$5...

I liked this tool. Its handy and does most of the things you need when it comes to video replay for athletics (or similar). And they had a decent history of updates and useful additions. Until they decided to charge for them. A lot, for what was really quite simple additions (stopwatch, a spotlight function, and the new angle function). Disappointed to say the least. I cant recommend it.


This app has given my son and i more time together we have bonded even more and he has worked hard to become better

Coaches eye

Awesome, just what I needed to show my athletes what they need to see

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